Tuesday, August 21, 2012


So I made it all the way through class without stopping!
I'm having a better week! I think I'm really starting to get somewhere.
We did circut-style sets and weights, which I took the lighter weights, and then later found I didn't find myself as challenged as I wanted to be...next time I will pick the 8's instead of the 5's.
(I still hate jumprope)

Anyway, to cool off, I took a 20-minute drive...and then THIS happened...
"Ohplease ohplease ohplease...you already have your running shoes on...I NEED A WALK!!!"

Poor puppy.

SO after MegaFit-Death-Class, I took my sad, pathetic dog on a 20-minute walk.

I'm so happy I'm feeling so much better!
(I might have to go in on Friday to do some treadmill work, because I'm going to be gone all weekend to my Stepsister Janelle's wedding in San Diego.)



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