Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday again...

Well, I tried a different server, Wordpress, and just came to the conclusion that it's not going to work for me for right now. I'm all about quick blogging, and, since I lay no claim to being a professional blogger, I am passing up that nonsense for simplicity.


Happy Tuesday everyone! I'm happy to announce that I've hit the 10-lb mark today!!!! *Cheers*
Since my return from Seattle back on the 16th of June, I've gone from 156.8 to 146.8. I'm ECSTATIC!
It was all hard work and eating healthy, passing on all those opportunities at work, home, etc. A.k.a. moderation (I pick and choose what I am willing to pass up and find fulfilling substitutions).
So, here are the new pictures!

I know there's not much of a difference (haha, I haven't posted the BEFORE pictures yet! Just kidding!), and please ignore the dead flowers...This is what they looked like two days ago. (Kurt is awesome!)
Even though I don't see that much of a difference, I really feel different. I have SO much more energy, and I don't feel like I need my afternoon nap anymore (shocking! I am a napper!).

So, since I've started, I wanted to show how I fit moderation into 3-4 twelve-hour shifts a week, because us nurses work LONG hours, and sometimes it's hard to stick to a diet plan when all you want to do is SNACK.
To give you an idea, our Orthopedic unit (Third Floor) is considered the "Snack Floor". Between the culturally-diverse potlucks (I mean, who can turn down pancit!), coffee runs, dounuts and bagels brought in by the ambulance companies and nursing students, breakfast burrito/sandwich mornings (I'm not kidding, this all goes on and on). And CAKE (Oh, God! Cake!). Basically, we have a never-ending supply of snack food. (I will have pictures! It doesn't end!)
It's really hard to not give in to temptation, and find a happy medium for my overwhelming sweet tooth during that 3-4PM gap. I have found substitutions, that I pre-purchase in the cafeteria before things get out of hand. In fact, I've taken to buying all of my food during breakfast, to avoid being tempted by the heavily-sauced and gravy'd meat slabs they serve downstairs.

My strategy for a typical work day:
Breakfast: Usually something light, Egg white omelette, oatmeal that I bring, a fresh fruit and coffee.

Lunch: A pre-packaged salad from the refrigerated section, fresh fruit, and a jell-o or yogurt. (Usually turns out to be too much food) OR, a pre-packaged sandwich, usually a pita or dark rye bread, turkey.

Dinner: Something quick and easy, usually a stir-fry, I almost always try to add some sort of vegetable and grains.

For this week, I've been making changes to how I purchase food, because lately, I've been getting frustrated with my lunch-card experiences. (Another story) And since I'm starting to follow Dave Ramsey's financial strategy plan, food has become an expense we are going to have to cut back on.

So here's how I've been doing this whole wholesome-living thing, on a budget!
I've been cooking a extra lately, and including my leftovers into my lunches. That way, I get a healthy, warm meal for lunch the next day. Include a few pieces of fresh fruit, and I have a complete lunch (and breakfast, if I bring a packet of oatmeal). Believe me when I say that I am the person that hates leftovers! I tend to take what is left-over from dinner, pack it neatly into a tupperware and set it delicately at the back of the refrigerator. But now, I'm actually making things that are reheatable in the first place.
Another helpful tip is that, during my chores before a workweek, I prepare my lunch then, with lots of yummy snacks and fruits.
Fresh and Easy "Eat Well" Apple Chicken bowl.
Turkey pita, with spinach and olive oil mayo, or sesame dressing, (and strawberries!)

And then I stuff it into my $6 Bento box!
 Cute, right? (99 Ranch was having a back-to-school sale)

Now, since I have a HUGE sweet tooth, I don't give up snacks altogether, but I do keep it to serving sizes and moderate! It's one of the things I've learned from French Women Don't Get Fat (http://frenchwomendontgetfat.com/) , a worthy book to check out when deciding on food trade-offs and moderation. I do not give up the things I love, I just find a way to fit them into a healthy lifestyle. If you want a cupcake, have a cupcake, but if you have a cupcake, and ice cream, and then fried chicken for dinner, and a shake on top of that, you're going to throw yourself out of balance.
So some of my favorite snacks when I just can't get past those food cravings!
Chocolate! Ice cream!!! I stick to the "serving size" on the nutrition facts. Yes, I measure out a half cup. Yes, I weigh stuff. This is where my nutrition class came in VERY handy! Learn to read your nutrition labels...
I also enjoy the 100-calorie packs, especially the Chips Ahoy, when I'm having some serious cookie cravings. Plain frozen bananas have also become a favorite treat of mine.
It's all about finding my balance and figuring out what works.

Anyway, that's my rant for today. I've been roped into attending the "MegaFit" class by your friendly neighborhood Muscle-Man (aka, my trainer's husband), and you always listen to the Muscle-man.  (Not kidding!) Note: this was the class that about killed me a couple weeks ago. IhatejumpropeIhatejumpropeIhatejumprope.



P.S. The heat in Southern California is finally breaking, but it's still torturous.

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