Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Week 2-Tuesday

So this is the technical beginning of Week 2 of my workout routine, (it's technically week 3, but the actual Week 2 was vetoed by a 50-hour work week and a severe sinus infection).
I'll post about week one later, because I have it written down somewhere and before pictures to show where I started, measurements and weight.

I am going at this full-force now, because after getting home from the gym last night I was in an AWESOME mood! I think it has something to do with the class I'm taking, or the social interaction, but the Cardio Kickboxing class is definitely what I needed. I love the encouragement I get from the trainers, and there's a lot of college-age/post-college-age women in the class, so I feel right at home.
Now in addition to that, my gym does not have air conditioning. Since this is my first experience with a gym/class (I used to run track), I'm not sure if they're supposed to have air conditioning, but to be honest, the massive sweating was extremely gratifying.  I went to do push-ups and slid on the wood floor. Now some of you may think it gross, but I don't think this routine would work if I didn't sweat up a storm.

In addition to that, during my workout days, I drink about 3000-4000ml of water. I'm not sure how many cups that is, but being a nurse, I know the average intake should be at least 2400ml a day. On my work days/rest days I drink about 2400-3000ml. I know from every diet book that I've ever read (even French Women Don't Get Fat) that water is a key to weight loss. Not hydration from those 4 cups of coffee, or bottled juice or Crystal Light, (I can't bring myself to drink water with sugar added.) And don't get me wrong, I love coffee (LOVE coffee!). I work twelve-hour shifts, coffee sometimes becomes my lifeblood, but like I say, you have to know what is right for you, and be able to figure out what are the most low-fat/low-calorie options off the Starbucks menu (my drink of the summer is a Soy Misto or a Soy Latte with a half Splenda).
Another thing I noticed was I have to keep up with my protein intake. I haven't had beef in two weeks, just chicken, veggies and fish. I also made a "mean green" juice last night, which really helped me pull through my workout. But last week, I crashed because I was going off of a mostly vegetarian diet, because that was all I felt like eating that week.

Also, can I say it? I hate jump-rope. I'm no longer as coordinated as my 5-year-old self once was, and being 5'9, I feel like a total Amazonian idiot, cursing my nerdy-reclusive ways as I try to maneuver an either too-long or too-short rope over my head, only to smack my ankles in a poor attempt to hop over it. (There's a run-on for you) Last night I got it stuck in the ridges of my shoe and I tripped over my own feet(how the heck did that happen?!?!). I just shake my fist at it.

That's my update on Week Two. I am feeling in a much better mood this week, and after having a week of up-and-down water weight struggles, I think things are going to start smoothing out. I hope.

Tonight is the "Mega Fit" class. My punishment for every cookie I ate last week. I wasn't going to go (I was really going to chicken out), but my body is telling me I need to do that jumpy-sweaty thing again, because now it's actually starting to feel good.

Inspiration for today: http://muffintop-less.tumblr.com/
I love pinterest.

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