Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Coloring Books and Patellofemoral injuries.

Well, here’s to another resounding round of a Tuesday night workout. Note to self: next time eat more before going to work out, and eat at least an hour before class. Now that we got that straightened out. I think I did okay for not really having much to eat and dealing with sore lower extremities from walking all weekend. I’m going to start taking a pedometer with me to work.

I’m really glad I’m getting a lot of encouragement from the people in my class, because there are just some days where I can’t keep up, and instead of making it a competition, they root me on, it really, really helps me get through a tough workout.

My shirt looked like I jumped into a swimming pool.

Tonight, I had a protein shake to look forward to when I got home. (You know, to replace all those lost nutrients).

IMG_20121009_200313IMG_20121009_200351Othello liked it….

And  I got some new workout “equipment”. Okay, it’s just a shirt and some gloves, but here’s the up-side, push ups are easier (because I can grip the ground properly) and no more blisters. Woohoo!

IMG_20121009_140111I’m loving the Adidas gear.
Gloves. Check. Stretchy pants. Check. Good shoes. Check. Knee injury? Check.

Yup, it’s been bothering me. After an entire weekend of wearing not-so great shoes at work and running back and forth in the halls, my knees are swollen. I really wish the glucosamine I started taking would kick in soon. Until then, I need new work shoes. It made for a super painful workout, especially doing leap-frogs, up-downs (burpees), jump rope and lunges. I will fight through it!

On the up-side, we all sat with our backs against the wall, in a chair-position, and saw how long we could all hold it. (He made us do 1-2 minute repeats). It was one of the knee-strengthening exercises my doctor gave me when I found out about my initial injury.

Guess what else I got in the mail today??? Okay, it’s in the title, but I’m silly. The Anatomy Coloring Book! Oh, you thought I got something fun?

IMG_20121009_200140besides the fact that the guy on the cover looks like a stroke victim. Or bipolar.
A lot of nursing students and volunteers have recommended this book in Anatomy, so I thought I would give it a shot. I just didn’t know I was getting another textbook. I think this will really help me, since I am an extremely visual-tactile learner. NOW I have something to color when Kurt’s niece wants to color with me.

Speaking of Kurt, this is what’s going on in our bedroom right now…
IMG_20121009_200731this is totally what it looks like!
Oh how I love that man and how he enables my nerd-isms.

We started watching Batman: The Dark Night Rises. It’s drawn just like the comic books, which makes it so intriguing!
Oh, you didn’t know I’m a nerd? HA.

Other things I’m currently obsessed with:
Gangnam Style- Why can’t I get this song out of my head?!?

Short Change Hero by The Heavy- Which is the intro song to Borderlands 2, I can’t get enough of it, especially since it hasn’t hit mainstream media and they haven’t overplayed it (aka ruined it) like every other station in Los Angeles tends to do.

There you go, that’s my super-duper Tuesday night.

Tomorrow, if I feel like it, I’ll go ahead and post some new outfits, as well as a few on my wishlist. And since it’s supposed to be a cold, rainy day in Southern California (HA!), I’m going to bust out my crockpot.


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