Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Honk if You Like Warm Buns!

Today was just another day I had class. The drive wasn’t too bad, considering it’s an hour.
Until I saw THIS on the freeway on my way to school. It was one of those “Only in L.A. moments”.


It reads:

“Ultra Touch Heated Toilet Seats.”
”Honk…if you like warm buns!”







Oh my, it’s still making me laugh. Even the “thinker” man makes me giggle a little. Potty humor.


I’m officially responsible for picking Kurt’s mom up on the way home from school, since it’s on the way home. I got out of class at 1:30, and she didn’t get off work until 4, so, not including commute time, I had about two hours to kill while waiting in Diamond Bar/Walnut. Good thing I decided not to stay in Westminster and study, because traffic was a beast after 4!

I decided to play it safe and head over first and then maybe I could find a Starbucks to nab a sandwich. I looked around, went down a long road, and lo and behold…SHOPPING!

Okay, I really didn’t go shopping, but I found a place that had several restaurants that were to my liking. (I.e. good mid-range lunch places!)

I finally got to try Flame Broiler. After an odd experience with the girl at the counter, I got a chicken bowl with avocado.
I couldn’t even finish half!

Afterwards, I decided to mosey (yes, mosey!) over to Panera across the street and have a decaf pumpkin latte and get a little studying in. I love the setup (free wifi, lattes in stoneware mugs), and I think I’ve found my new study place!

IMG_20121010_152155no, really, I didn’t ask for that much whipped cream. I didn’t complain either…


IMG_20121010_135239SO much for the rain.

Not happy about that one. WHERE IS THE RAIN??? Okay, calm down caps lock-y girl. I wanted cold, I wanted rain, all I got was 75 degrees and partly cloudy. I want it to be fall! Like scarf and sweater weather! I can’t drink hot lattes in 70-80 degree weather with humidity!

Crock pot alert: We scarfed down my pot roast too fast for me to take a picture. (Ha!)

So for tonight, I’m just going to stick with my ab workouts and push-ups because my knee is still a little too sore to go running (which I really wanted to do tonight!), and it’s probably not a good idea without my brace. (Don’t worry, guys, I’ve got this, I’m a nurse.)

I’m halfway between reconsidering my career and going for my BSN at a Cal-State. I can’t find a job as an LVN anywhere, and it doesn’t look good for RN either (there’s a few girls at our work who are RNs working as CNAs and volunteers). If you can find a job, it’s a great career, but no one is hiring. It’s extremely frustrating.

So those are my thoughts of the day.
Happy Wednesday!

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