Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Setting Goals

Well, we’re halfway through the week, folks! (Folks?) And what a week it’s turning out to be.

I’ve decided my goals need a little more prioritizing. So when I feel like things are out of order, I make lists.


I have a lot to think about this week, especially since I’ve kind of fallen out of sync with my diet/exercise plan (due to work, school, fitness classes being cancelled, etc.).

First thing on the list: Budget. As you all know, I haven’t been working much at all (yeah  yeah), so learning to live on a smaller income could be a challenge for anyone. Thankfully, I’ve read several books from the Dave Ramsey series, and I’m trying to get to the point where this won’t be an issue. I’m still working on my Emergency Fund, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

Now as for fitness: ABs x7. Yes, it’s exactly what it means. I’m going to do a challenge (as told by our trainer) to do abs 7 days a week, starting tonight. (I already did my workouts for tonight.) But maybe I’ll post some pictures/workout ideas while I’m doing this.

Also, you saw it right, I’m buying a jumprope. I will no longer be left behind in the class when we do our jumproping! It’s an easy fix to a difficult problem.

I am so motivated to get into shape, it’s silly.

I’m going to concentrate on fixing my diet. Things have been a little tight lately, schedule and budget/wise, so it’s been really hard to fit in some healthy meals, and there’s been a lot of temptation to just eat bad! I might start looking into some easy/healthy recipes in order to get back on track. Mainly using or the French Women Don’t Get Fat cookbook.

Sleep Schedule: I’ll admit it, I’m having trouble getting a good sleep schedule down. I have no energy during the days, and almost always have to take an afternoon nap around 3 or 4. I sleep in on my days off, trying to recover what was lost. So I’m going to start taking a mild melanin supplement around bedtime in order to alleviate my insomnia and continue to limit my caffeine intake.

Apply for Jobs: I’m continuing to apply for nursing jobs in the Los Angeles/San Bernardino area. I’ve almost got it down to an art, and spent today working on my cover letter.

I’m still meaning to get into the Yoga class this week. It’s the thing on my to-do list that never gets done, like laundry.

So I’m ready to turn in for the night. No more studying to do until the end of the week, and then I can take it in moderation. I don’t have another lecture exam until next Wednesday. Goodnight everyone!


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