Friday, October 5, 2012

Night Owl Girl

Hello everyone, and happy 11pm. I know it’s not that late, but I’m up doing some last-minute studying to make sure I can have my flashcards during my commute tomorrow. Woo-hoo (don’t I sound excited?).

I thought I’d send out an actual Friday post, since I have to wait for 58 pages to print.

More ramblings.

I “work” this weekend, meaning I may or may not work. It’s up in the air. If I don’t, I have a mini to-do list to take care of, and a few things planned. I have found I am very good at creating things for myself to do when I feel idle. I would make a terrible/overzealous “housewife”. Don’t get me wrong, I can cook and clean, but when it’s my only function in life, I tend to get a little, well, OCD. Okay, maybe really OCD.

IMG_20121004_144011I tried to make the bed, but these cat-sized lumps kept coming up! Sheez!

So today I’ve made progress with my food choices. I had a quinoa/spinach and salmon combo, that worked out way better than I thought it would! (I used my “fancy” canned salmon, ha)IMG_20121005_135932 Okay, it looks a little scary in the bowl, but it was great!

I also had some “veggie eggs” yesterday that looked pretty scary, but were actually pretty good.

So all in all I’m getting down the “one-bowl meal” thing.

Hopefully, it stays that way.

P.S. My printer is NOT working! Aaaaarrrrggghhhhh!


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