Monday, October 15, 2012

Kicking into Fall Mode!

It’s Monday again! And that means that it’s another week of school, work, gym and the such. I’m finally feeling like I’m getting a routine down, and by that I mean, finding time for myself in this whirlwind of a schedule of mine.

I’m working tomorrow.Maybe? Maybe not? Hm. It’s becoming a fun game of Russian Roulette…except with work.

I had a pretty big lab practicum today, in which I’m almost positive I got an A on. We graded them at the end, and I missed a couple questions, but not enough to fail. That’s all I care about. (Oh, and I got an A. Now the quality of the A depends when we get the results from our extra credit back.)

Hooray for my awesome Anatomy Coloring Book! It really helped me figure out what was what and took the anxiety of having to memorize a hundred tiny muscles of the body. It made my life so much easier.

Anyway, as for the weekend, I was battling with a severe migraine because of the darned weather change. It went from 65 and breezy/drizzly to 95 in two days.IMG_20121011_115929Although I was very very excited about the rain last week!

This is the first migraine I’ve had in four months, a little before I started working out and eating healthier. So, I’m setting a new record here.
It’s almost gone, I just can’t eat anything sweet.
Goodbye Oreo Brownies I found on Pinterest.



Oh well, I probably shouldn’t be eating them anyway. :( 

I did, however, fight through it all and make it to the gym this weekend. I did my kickboxing class on Saturday, which ended up being oh-so-sweaty-but-oh-so-good. Yeah, I know. This afternoon, class was cancelled so I spent an hour doing an elliptical/treadmill interval workout. 40 minutes on the elliptical on “random” setting, and then 20 minutes on the treadmill. It felt great!

Also, I got my hair done over the weekend! I finally took the jump and went darker for the fall! I was a little nervous, but my stylist Nicole (who also owns the salon) always seem to work magic with my hair.

550669_190460717756078_1768257142_nI was so excited! I love my new color! And for those of you who are in the area (L.A., Orange, or San Bernardino Counties) and looking for an amazing stylist and salon, I highly recommend Hair Phases, in Rancho Cucamonga.

I also got some cute fall clothes last week, one of them being a cute cardigan I pulled from Plato’s Closet!


I love the diamond-pattern crochet on this chunky cardigan. I paired it with my stripe-y shirt (also seen above, and from Plato’s Closet) and a pair of boots. I can’t wait to get my brown, knee-high boots this month! Then it will really be fall!

This morning’s coffee flavor was…interesting to say the least.It was Tiramisu-flavored coffee with Bailey’s creamer mixed in.
It basically got as close to drinking alcohol as coffee could possibly get.
Also, this afternoon, I made myself a delicious protein shake. It consisted of 8 frozen strawberries, what was left of the frozen raspberries (about 1/4 cup), spinach (1/2 cup frozen), 1/2 cup of nonfat milk, and two scoops of protein powder. Plus I added a little pumpkin pie spice to make it taste fall-ish. It really filled the gap of all the nutrients and sweet cravings I’ve been having the past couple days, but couldn’t keep down. :/ Anyways, it was delicious!










I’d also like to know why no one has ever told me about Nutella?


Okay. So that’s my Weekend/Monday night. Se you all Wednesday!

<3 Hojo

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