Saturday, October 20, 2012

Yoga Cat

I’m just throwing in a quick post because it’s a work night (yay!) and I’m dead tired.

Since my back was tired, I thought I would try out some new yoga moves that really made my tired muscles feel WAY better. I closed my eyes, breathed in, and relaxed. 

When I opened my eyes, I saw this:

IMG_20121020_214723“you’re boring”

I always get a kick out of confusing my animals when I’m doing workouts on the floor.

Also, since it was a beautiful, rainy, fall day today, I decided bread bowls were in order.

I shared this bad boy with Kurt, since we weren’t too hungry when I got home from work. (I had the definition of hospital cafeteria food today, by the way. Yuck)


IMG_20121020_215023SPICED CIDER!!!!
It’s finally cool enough to bring out the hot drinks!

Last but not least, I started watching Grey’s Anatomy last week on Hulu. I had heard so much about it, and since it’s set in Seattle, I figured I’d be into it. So far, I’m enjoying the show. I’m not a big TV person, but I tend to watch series off of the internet/Roku/DVR instead. I was going to see how many episodes I could get through without getting bored with the plot.

I had to take a break from it this week. After studying intensively for an Anatomy exam, and spending the rest of the week in the hospital, and studying for another Anatomy exam, I’m a little burned out on hospital jargon. The show makes me think too much. Add relationships plus dynamics, and I think I need a break.

I also got in my guilty pleasure show: Big Rich Texas, but I probably shouldn’t openly admit that I watch it. Darn it.
There’s something that I love to hate about these crazy women, like the Kardashians (*gag*) or Real Housewives series. (*also gag*) It’s like watching a bad train wreck, you don’t want to see what happens, but you can’t look away, either.

That’s just me.


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