Monday, October 8, 2012

Time. For. MONDAY!

Aaah Monday, where the week starts again, you get a clean slate and goals are made.

Hello happy campers, and welcome to another resounding week of workouts, eating (somewhat) healthy and celebrating the final return of fall weather. (Yay!)

I’m a little low on pictures today, due to the fact that I’ve been running so low on time these past few days, that I’ve had little time to even eat. (Seriously. I took my lunch at the 8-hour mark yesterday, and today, between all my activities, I was barely able to nab a bagel, coffee and eventually a sandwich.)

So to compensate for my lack of photography tonight, here is a picture of my cat.

IMG_0005No? Okay fine.

I worked all weekend, and it was an incredibly busy Sunday, which turned out to stress the heck out of me at the very end of the shift, but you can’t very well control any one else’s behavior but your own, so I had to kind of just get over it.
Which is kind of awesome, because considering the anxiety I had before I had my outlets, I really, truly could not, and those bad days would follow me home. I’m also thankful for Adele and a 45-minute drive home. ;)

Today was a LOT of running around. I woke up at 7am, opened the window, and just read a book while enjoying the fall breeze. At 10 I tried to squeeze in a Mani/Pedi, in which I had an interesting experience at a salon different than the one I go to. The girl painted the light coral/pink on my big toe and asked, “are you sure you like this color?” I nodded and she painted the other toes, looked at them, and said “I think you need a different color. Something darker.” She helped me decide on a dark, sparkly purple, which really complimented my skin tone. I really appreciated her honesty, and I will be taking my business here more often!

Today, we dissected a sheep’s brain, which was interesting, but uneventful. It wasn’t for a grade, and solely for learning purposes, so half the class bolted after lecture. I stayed, because I’m a visual learner and respond well to things like that.

After class, I stopped by Plato’s Closet in Santa Ana, which would be best described as a consignment store. “Gently used designer clothing” is their description. I think I’ll post my ‘haul’ tomorrow. But I had a fantastic time shopping and finding some real gems for my fall wardrobe, without having to really worry about cost.
So after that it was a few errands, and now it’s 9pm and I’m sitting here, wondering where the day went. I ended up having to skip my Monday night kickboxing class because I just needed and hour to relax to myself before having to get up and run more errands.

One of the products I picked up this weekend was the Neutrogina Wave Sonic cleansing system.



I was really skeptical about buying a machine just to wash my face, but after using it for a couple of nights, I did notice a difference in the texture of my skin. I wanted to try something on the drugstore-find end before I go out and drop $200 on a ClairSonic at Sephora. But now that my skin is significantly clearer and smoother, I think it would be a safe buy.





What I’m reading:
As suggested by Peanut Butter Finger’s October Book Club, I picked up Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. I’m hooked! So far the narrative is about a high school boy who is sent cassette tapes from a girl in his class who committed suicide. She has a list of thirteen people, and on those tapes, has a story for each individual person, and why they played a part in her death. I don’t know why this book is so addictive, but my Kindle has gone everywhere with me today, so I could sneak in a couple pages wherever I could!

So that sums up my weekend and Monday, I’ll probably be posting tomorrow after MegaFit (Death Class)tomorrow.
Goodnight everyone!

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