Monday, September 3, 2012


I’ve been bitten! AAARRGGHHH GYAAHHH! OOHHHH!!! *Zombies are gnawing at my skullllll!!!* Run! Save yourselves!

Haha, just kidding.
Dave Crazy Dave! Open-mouthed smile

So it has happened, I’ve been bitten by the Travel Bug. Lounging around the house in our stuffy bedroom, I’ve stumbled across several travel blogs that have made the wheels in my head turn. (Also, I think it has something to do with my trip to San Diego’s Little Italy last weekend…Pictures to come!)

I am going to travel, I WILL travel, it’s that easy. Okay, well, it’s also expensive and takes a lot of time and planning. I can’t just jump on a plane, right? RIGHT?

Anyway, I think this year will be spent focusing on getting my passport ready and getting mentally prepared to make a journey. I think I’m willing to start with France or England first, but I have an entire Bucket List made up of places I would LOVE to go.

I am desperately sad that Mexico will not be my first out-of-country experience due to the instability of politics at the moment. I would love to go someday to see the culture and experience the language and food that has become a second culture to me.

So, here is my Travel Bucket List! (the link is to my Pinterest list)
-United Kingdom
-France (Paris, Milan, and the countryside!)
-Italy (Sicily and Rome)
-Germany and Poland
-South Korea (Seeing North Korea would also be an experience I would be interested to do)
-Also, I would like to take some more trips to the East Coast, mostly to New England, to experience a fall in New England, have clam chowder, stay in a bed and breakfast, the works!

Other places I’d like to visit in the U.S. would be Chicago, Washington D.C., Alaska and Hawaii.
There it is! I’m fully motivated to do whatever it takes to find myself wandering the globe.

Now, to get Kurt on board with my crazy plans!


I'm also open to any suggestions. Has anyone (out there) traveled to somewhere that just stood out to them?
I'm always ready for a new adventure!
<3 Hojo.

(P.S San Diego post and Fitness Progress post to come!)

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