Monday, September 24, 2012


My trainer was off tonight so class was cancelled. I found this out when I got to the gym, so I tried to escape. Unfortunately, the trainers at the check out counter marched me over to a treadmill and said “30 minutes.” I tried to protest, “I have to study!” but it was to no avail. Then I tried to bargain “Fine. 20 minutes.” Nope, 30.
I ended up trying to do my 30-minute interval workout, going 2 minutes walking and 3 minutes running. I quickly got bored and did started doing 2 minutes walking and 8 minutes running (because, you know, I had a LOT of stress to get out!). That worked, and once I found my pattern for running, I stayed on the treadmill for ONE HOUR! (I ran about 5 miles!) I was stoked!

I think I might go back and try this running thing again tomorrow. (Because, you know, not like I have to work or anything)

Lunch today was a BLT from Subway with all the veggies, no cheese on 9-grain bread. I had these Parmesan Herb Sun Chips and holy cow! They were delicious!

<<<<<My new favorite “guilty pleasure”

I’m not normally a “chip” person.

Dinner was a quick weeknight meal. “Veggie” Quesadillas (okay, there was a little chicken in there!)


I used “High Fiber” Tortillas, fajita veggies, mozzerella cheese and about an ounce of chicken each.


These tortillas were actually really good! They were soft and delicious like home-made tortillas. I really enjoyed the texture.

Anyway, so that was my night.

I’m continuing to apply for jobs, just because I need to work (I’m down to one day a week, I got cancelled the entire weekend.) I love what I do, and my job is awesome, just the hours are really starting to get me down, and it might be God’s way of telling me there’s something bigger and better out there. I’m keeping my head up and my options open.

Starting to go over the muscles in class. I’m feeling a bit more optimistic about the rest of the semester, and I’m getting used to the drive.

Last week was a rough week overall, but I think I can get past it and move forward. Because why live life regretting the past, right?


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