Monday, September 17, 2012

Insomiac Sweet Tooth

Happy Monday everyone!
I can’t believe how fast the weeks are flying by! Especially since my Lab Practicum is on Wednesday! It draws closer!
Anyway, I had a GREAT workout today and I finally passed a physical barrier I wasn’t able to pass before. I felt like I was plateau-ing, and today I pushed myself a little harder and hit that “runner’s high”. I was able to do the whole 75-minute workout with few difficulties. I hope tomorrow will work out the same, given Tuesdays are my toughest workout. (Given, there isn’t any jump-roping).Want to see me fall flat on my face? Hand me a jump rope. I’m not kidding.
I also really really hope my sleep schedule works itself out, given that because I haven’t been sleeping very well (see: lazy-student syndrome.) and I’ve only been working one to two days a week, I’ve been relying on multiple Starbucks runs to keep me awake. No sleep=Coffee=even worse sleep=more coffee…you get the cycle. So I’m hoping to cut back on the caffeine this week.
ALSO, I’ve been craving sweets at night, which have been giving me bad dreams. Eat sweets-up blood sugar, then the middle of the night, blood sugar drops=nightmares. So I’ve remedied this with sugar-free hot cocoa after dinner, with a little bit of almond milk to add creaminess. It hits the spot for my insane chocolate cravings!
IMG_2212Perfect! <3
And if I can’t sleep, my buddy Othello will keep me company.

“Shouldn’t you be studying?”

Yes, I named him. He is now an entity that sits on my desk.

Otherwise, the Cat says NO to studying.
I should probably go to sleep, huh?
“The bed is SOOOOO comfy!”

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