Friday, September 14, 2012

Disneyland Post (#1)


While I do admit, we have annual Disneyland passes, every once in a while I think it’s appropriate to have a Disneyland post. I think we go about once or twice a month, (and sometimes twice in the same weekend!) but now that the holidays are starting to roll around (and it’s starting to cool down a bit), I think we might be frequenting D-Land a bit more often.

We went on a Saturday and were surprised by how it wasn’t as crowded as we expected. Probably something having to do with the “severe thunderstorm warning” and that all the kids in the Los Angeles area went back to school last week.

While we spent a lot of time in the park (and I didn’t take that many pictures, sorry)


Anyway, we checked out the new Cars land, which we waited all summer to check out because of the crowds. (No, really, it can get CROWDED!)

Enter Cone Hotel montage:

That’s a whole LOT of orange!!! (P.S. I LOVE the fountain!)
This little area had to be my favorite part of Cars Land. I thought it was so darned cute!

IMG_2158I mean…besides the Ghirardelli store…


Anyway, we had a wonderful time, and we didn’t realize how fast time flies!

I can’t wait for Halloween and Christmas to arrive to see the changes for the holidays!!!


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