Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Products I Love


I’m going to be honest, today was not an easy day. After three days of sleep-deprivity and studying, I’m pretty pooped. Add a couple hours of traffic and not-doing-so-hot on the test I lost all that sleep for, kind of leaves me a little grouchy.

I’m very thankful for my family and all the support I receive, because, really, it could have been much worse if I didn’t have the amazing people around me that I do. Basically, “Hold your head high, and do better next time.”

That said! I turned my potentially bad day around and decided to create reviews for stuff I love!

When I’m working, I get a lot of “what’s in your bag?” as to what kind of make up I wear, shampoo, nail polish etc. I love trying out new products, especially in different colors, properties and benefits. Unfortunately, I have discovered that I’m severely allergic to scented cosmetics (usually this is a problem with drugstore brands, especially in the foundations and powders). I have also discovered that I’m allergic to certain shampoos and conditioners as well. *sigh*

This has made my cosmetic collection rather difficult and at times frustrating (and pricey!). Sometimes, it’s a matter of picking and choosing what works and what doesn’t.

So I thought I would share what’s in my daily cosmetic bag, and why I find these products so amazing.

First off:


T.N Dickenson’s Astringent:
Witch Hazel:

If I could have any “miracle" product in my armory, it would be Witch Hazel. While the name is kind of scary, it’s an all-natural anti-inflammatory. I’m usually the type of person to have cystic breakouts, and this really helps alleviate that problem. My skin tone has been much more even, especially with my combination oily/dry skin.
I actually discovered witch hazel while working in the hospital. One of the nurses was using it as a remedy, and I was having a pretty bad break out that day. It took off half my make up, but it really made my skin feel better in the middle of a “bad skin day”.

It’s available at the grocery store. I found it at Albertson’s and Ralph’s, but it really took some looking for! (I spent about twenty minutes looking for this stuff!) It’s usually stuffed away on a bottom shelf with the toners in a dark corner. But I say, it works!



“Even Better SPF 15”

I’ve always been a fan of Clinique, especially since it’s unscented and formulated for sensitive skin.

I tried the “Even Better” line when it first came out, and I have to say, I’ve been hooked. It has helped minimize my acne scars and dark spots, and eventually, I’ve needed less and less. One bottle runs about $25 at Sephora, but this little bottle lasts a long time! It’s really worth it’s value! (Plus it’s SPF 15! Awesome!)




 Urban Decay:
Eyeshadow Ammo Shadow Box

While I’m not crazy about make-up that has “cutesy” packaging, I bit the “bullet” (see the pun?) and shelled out (again! I’m on a role!) the $48 for this eyeshadow palette after sitting in Ulta for an hour trying to decide between the blue and the green (both $20). I wasn’t quite ready to purchase the Naked Palette (although after this, I might have to!) But I was quite impressed with the variety of color I received with this little box of eyeshadow. I especially love the white and the cranberry colors, colors I normally wouldn’t buy, but was able to try because of this palette. Also, Ulta’s customer service in Upland was top-notch. I bought this three months ago (hence the stock photo) and I still remember how nice and helpful the ladies at the counter were! Kudos!


 Bare Escentuals:
Bare Minerals Blush in '”Hint”

Also at Ulta. I love this stuff because, again, the hypoallergenic properties, and a little goes a long way! (Note, I’ve had the brush forever) which gives you an idea of how well they hold up, if you’re considering the brush (highly recommended!).




”Color Stay” Eyeliner (drugstores and Ulta)

This is probably the only “drugstore” product I use, probably because it’s one of the most reliable eyeliners I’ve used. It gets the job done. I’ve tried liquids, semi-liquids, ‘crayon-style”, waterproofs, felt-tips and just about every different type of brush or applicator out there, and this has been my make-up bag staple. It smudges just the tiniest bit, but really, it doesn’t make a huge difference.

I have it in three different colors, black, cranberry and a dark gray.
I just discovered (yesterday, actually) that the cap on the end is a sharpener. Who knew? (durr dur durrrr)



”Kiss Me by Blinc”

Okay, so this mascara was a toss up between this and DiorShow (also a great mascara)
But the waterproofing technology and the ease of removal made this mascara one of my absolute favorites. I love how the little tubes “coat” your eyelashes and make them look a mile long! There were some days where people asked me if my eyelashes were real, or “falsies” (their word, not mine).
One of the things I highly recommend is purchasing the primer along with the mascara. The tubes contain a little bit less than your normal mascara, but with the primer, again, a little goes a long way.
Just a side note: when you put the primer on, and then forget the mascara at home, people will wonder why your eyelashes are “white” or “look weird”.  Especially when you work with the public. True story. @_@

So, there we go, there are some of the products in my bag. I hope you enjoy!

P.S: The great Condo Hunt has begun! 3 months to go!


What are some other products you’d like me to review?

I’m thinking about posting some of my pinned-projects soon.
Any specifics that anyone would like me to try? (That don’t involve sharp objects?)

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